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Pay Per Click PPC Advertisement

Run PPC Campaigns

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising must be a cost effective way to drive traffic to your website to increase sales or product awareness. We need to Audit your PPC account and your website or page to design the effective PPC campaigns like Facebook Adverts, google Ads.
Fix IT Digitally will ensure PPC advertising get better CPA, CRT or CPA. We will make sure campaign is:

  • Cost effective – so that you only pay when a user actually reaches your website or product. Good value for money with control over budget.
  • Targeted – Audience selection according to demographics – location, language age ect.
  • Measurable – To determine ROI.
  • Customisable – modify campaigns to get the best.
  • Keep Monitoring – put time into optimising and improving campaigns to get the best results.

PPC Management Service

  1. PPC campaign management is not easy and demands a certain level of knowledge of advertising strategies.
  2. We will define the goals for effective PPC campaign management, whether it is to get website traffic, sales conversions, views on a video, or something else
  3. Keywords research is the most important element and we will find the Best Target Keywords
  4. Leverage Negative Keywords
  5. Optimized Targeting such as placement, audience, contextual and Topic targeting
  6.  Traffic diversion on Right Landing Pages
  7. Multiple Ad Groups to target different keywords and audiences
  8. Optimized Ads content for better CTR.
  9. Optimization of Bids
  10. Monitoring of Conversions rate.
PPC Management Services

Well Targeted campaigns with Better Understanding regular monitoring Planning

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing SMM

Social media marketing (SMM) is the best way to reach large pool of people on social networks to market your company’s products and services. Engagement of new and existing customers on popular social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to promote brand awareness are one of the benefits of social media. Product advertisement is cost effective and it’s always in your control

PPC Paid Marketing Service Plans

Google Ads provides different services includes Search, Remarking, Dynamic Search Ads, and Shopping campaigns, and don't forget Facebook Adverts. We design campaigns after detailed keyword research to ensure we pick the best possible keywords for your campaigns with the monthly summary report. Please check out the packages below and get in touch with us for more info.

Basic Plan

Suitable for Start Ups

Advance Plan

 for Medium size company

Premium Plan

Suitable for Large Company